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Blog - Unexpected Moving Costs

unexpected moving costs

Unexpected Moving Costs

Whether you are up sizing, downsizing, or just moving locations, these hidden costs can overwhelm your budget if you are not careful. As you budget your move, remember to keep the following hidden costs in mind.

  • Packing Labor and Packing Supplies

    Whether you are packing things up yourself or plan on hiring a professional moving company do the work, you will need boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Unexpected moving expenses like extra packing fees for crating are really frequent. It should be mentioned in the moving documents you sign prior moving that the quoted price doesn't cover additional packing supplies and we warn you to expect your estimated moving cost to increase dramatically.

  • Move Protection Coverage

    When you sign your Bill of Landing, you automatically get basic coverage (called basic released value protection , for example: $0.60 per pound, per article). But all too often the final amount of the valuation coverage doesn't reply to the value of your belongings. You may have to require additional moving protection for full coverage. Many companies offer Full Value Protection - the ultimate moving insurance that guarantees reinstatement and replacement valuation for damages and missing items. Keep in mind that purchasing moving insurance costs extra and it depends on the declared value of you items and the reputation of your company

  • Last Minute Moving Cancellation Fee

    Your moving plans may change or you have decided to go with another company in the last minute. But this will cost you money. Every moving company has their own cancellation fee policy. But you should know this is one of the most common hidden moving costs

  • Storage Fee

    Storage is usually included in your estimated moving cost. The thing is, you'll have only limited number of days of the so-called free storage period. Further that time limit you will be additionally charged for storage. The possible charge is by cubic feet per month.

  • Travel Time Free

    If you are moving locally, most movers charge travel fees. This is the time needed for them to get from their office location to your address. The best secret to reducing the budget-related stress of moving is to prepare. You may encounter unexpected situations (such as bad traffic jam, unexpected bad weather, road close etc.) as you relocate.

By keeping these hidden costs in mind, though, such unexpected situations won't surprise you.

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